the best way to predict the future
is to create it

Production Services

DOP, Cinematography, Directing & Strategy

with my most recent experience shooting 360Β° award winning documentaries,
I have been involved in every step of the production process. shooting, Troubleshooting, and problem solving .





Finishing Services

Editing, Grading, VFX & 360 Clean-ups

Anything you need done to footage, I got it covered.
I have edited, stitched, graded & finished every kind of project over the past 10 years,Β  Handling the full post production process on award winning 360Β° Nature Documentaries, To editing broadcast series’ and commercials.


360Β° Stitching


VFX / 360Β° Cleanups

Consulting & Education Services

Cinematic 360Β° Consultations, Lessons & Talks

I offer consultation services for 360Β° pre & post-production shoots, whether you need to script-write for the 360Β° medium or your DOP needs assistance for 360Β° hardware on your shoot. I also offer personal classes, lessons & talks on all things cinematic 360Β°

360Β° Consultant

Public Speaking

Tutorials & Lessons

Distribution Strategy


Over the last 10 years I have honed my skills in the digital creative space. Starting as schoolboy creating video content on borrowed equipment I enjoyed creating content from the start, learning design, photography and all things web inevitably led me to understanding digital marketing as a whole and knowing the value of using the right medium in the right space, after all what is a great piece of content worth if it just manages to get 5 likes on facebook.

Having worked as a writer, film editor, and a creative director for agencies creating everything from single camera stop-motion to financial applications I have the right skills to not only create the content you need, but to positionΒ it in front of the right people.

Technical Compentency

Final Cut Pro %94
Premiere Pro %85
After Effects %65
Photoshop %80
Mistika VR %80
Auto Pano %65
Illustrator %70
Html & Css %75




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