What I do

[az_box_icon box_icon_module=”box-icon” icon_mode=”yes-icon” icon_alice=”font-icon-compass” box_icon_title=”360 Video”]360 video is a new technology that has given us the best oppurtunity to capture memories and experiences, it’s a medium I love and would love to help on your 360 project.[/az_box_icon]
[az_box_icon box_icon_module=”box-icon” icon_mode=”yes-icon” icon_alice=”font-icon-video” box_icon_title=”Videography & Photography”]Having worked as a videographer and photographer for a good part of the last decade I have the skills to deliver everything from live events and stop-motion to big budget shoots and animation.[/az_box_icon]
[az_box_icon box_icon_module=”box-icon” icon_mode=”yes-icon” icon_alice=”font-icon-code” box_icon_title=”Web Design & Development”]With all the visual content I produce it does no good if theres not a solid web service to display them, with online marketing being a big part of what I do, I know what it takes to get your content in front of the right audiences[/az_box_icon]
[az_box_icon box_icon_module=”box-icon” icon_mode=”yes-icon” icon_alice=”font-icon-brush” box_icon_title=”Design”]I have right skillset to produce any kind of graphic design from Corporate Identities to presentations and print media I love creating beautiful visuals.[/az_box_icon]
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